Walking and hiking routes

Walking and hiking routes

The beacons of the Long Distance tracks and the Short Distance tracks mark every step of the mountain. In total 5.000 marked kilometres to discover Huesca at leisure and in a different way.  

Life is a journey and Huesca its trail. A territory to be discovered, along its more than 5,000 marked kilometres. Long Distance (Gran Recorrido or GR) and Short Distance (Pequeño Recorrido or PR) tracks offer the chance to live magical experiences at your preferred pace.

The red and white beacons signpost the GR with routes that are varied and accessible for different levels of expertise and fitness. There are a total of nine GR tracks in the province of Huesca; some perfect for appreciating the beauty of the high mountain; others unveiling spots from a different point of view. 

The great many PR tracks are marked in yellow and white and there is basically a track to walk from any town or village of the province.  Some of the main PR tracks are the Alto Ésera, Benasque, Valle de Hecho, Biescas, Jaca and Los Monegros tracks. 

All of these tracks have pleasant surprises for those in the mood for putting on their hiking boots and going on an adventure accessible for anyone. 


Way of St. James and route of the espéculas

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